Special Thanks

Special and ongoing thanks to the following people and organizations who have all contributed to our success:

– My husband for all his support and love whilst I pursue my passion.

– Sharon Leroux of Rouxridge Kennels for entrusting us with one of her special puppies.  Her support, guidance and advice is invaluable.

– Denise Price of RokiShoals Rhodesian Ridgebacks for entrusting us with one of her special puppies.  I look forward to drawing on her knowledge and experience as we move forward.

– Frank Murphy and Greg Strong, AKC Professional Handlers for their expertise and professionalism.

– Bonnie Buchanan and the team at Bon Clyde training school in Sanford, NC for bringing out the best in us.

– Janet Zielinski and her team at the Grooming Room in Pinehurst, NC for ensuring that our girls are always looking their best.

– The judges that have recognized the quality, beauty, intelligence and athleticism of our girls:



– Mr Kent H Delaney

– Mrs Susan St John Brown

– Dr John A Reeve-Newson

– Mr Jeffrey G Pepper

– Mr Joe C Walton

– Mr Thomas Nesbitt

– Sharon R Lyons


– Jean Nocilly

– Marleen C Burford


– Jean Nocilly

– Nancy J Watson

– Shannon Jones


– Heather Dickinson

– Christie Bowers

– Michele Fletcher

– David Nauer

– Lavonda Herring




–  Mrs Janet Lobb

–  Dr Richard H Hilderman

–  Mrs June A Penta

–  Ms Sharon L Clark

–  Mrs Susan St. John Brown

–  Dr Anthony D DiNardo

–  Mr Terry Stacy

–  Ms Bonnie Linnell Clarke

–  Mrs Betty-Anne Stenmark

–   Mrs Joan Goldstein

–   Mr Gary L Doerge