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Introducing our littlest member of the team – Peanut.  Don’t let her size fool you – she punches well above her weight limit!!

Peanut was born at just 6 1/2 oz.  A few days in, we discovered she had a cleft palate.  We tube fed her every 3 hours for the first 5 weeks of her life.  She is on kibble now and growing like crazy.  This morning she weighed 6 pounds 5 oz.  Peanut is our little miracle.

Special thanks to:

  • my gorgeous husband who has been up every 3 hours with me tube feeding, not to mention helping me with the other 7 puppies and 3 big dogs. I am not sure either one of us remember what its like to sleep.
  • Dr James Watson, my wonderful Vet who is not only exceptionally talented, but has given us hope, guidance and the energy to keep going.
  • Ann Hughes.  My fairy godmother for her daily support and helping me keep things in perspective.
  • Trinity Maurer.  Trinity is more than our assistant, she is a part of our family.  Trinity has been there around the clock coaching and encouraging us.  Her experience has been invaluable.
  • Elizabeth Jones for her friendship, knowledge and back up support.

This has been and continues to be such a team effort.  I look forward to continuing to update you on Peanut’s progress.  Against all the odds, she was a chance we had to take and she has been so worth saving.

Peanut just a few days old with Mommy – can you see her??


Peanut always loves to huddle on the top of the pile



Peanut loves her big brother Mr Blue.  She has always sought him out for cuddles – right from the beginning.



Most recent shots – I am a big girl now!!!!

IMG_1242 IMG_1241

For more information on Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies, please visit http://www.millabellaridgebacks.com.

Have a wonderful day!